Thursday, February 23, 2017

Left My Heart In Santa Cruz

Early Last year I went on a little three day trip to Santa Cruz, one of my all time favorite cities ever for multiple reasons, and during my visit I fell madly in love with the scenery.
This city had everything. The beach, cozy weather, beautiful houses, nice big boardwalk, 
The woods, and amazing restaurants! It was truly the best time I had in awhile. The people out there were so kind and friendly,
There was always something to do and no matter where I went alone, I felt right at home.

Since then I have visited this place once more back in October just nine months after the first visit. I couldn't wait to get back and actually explore it with my boyfriend. 
He took me there for my birthday and we laughed and took so many photos together. 
We have been talking about the next trip we want to take and I think we may just go back to Santa Cruz again or we might decide to go to Napa Valley for a nice, quiet & romantic getaway. 
I'm still deciding! Have any ideas or input to help me make the final decision? 
Would love to get your thoughts on this. Anywho, I hope you all are having an amazing night or day wherever you are. 
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Xx Nessie James 

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