Sunday, March 26, 2017

Hidden Beauty

Today Denon & I visited the Indian Museum, a place I have been dying to visit for awhile now. This amazing museum is not at all far from our house so I don't see why it took us so long to finally get here. But anyway, it was a really unique and beautiful place to visit. There is so much to see and a lot to learn about. I myself am Cherokee, Navajo and apache indian so it was really nice to see all the different tribes and how they lived, hunted, and gathered different resources to live. If you live near Lake Los Angeles, I definitely recommend visiting this place! 

After our trip to the museum, Denon and I made a small trip out even further to 190th St. East to visit the church used in Kill Bill and we stopped mid way to take beautiful photos of the area. The ground was filled with thousands of beautiful little yellow flowers. Absolutely gorgeous!

Denon picked these two little flowers for me before I had the chance to get out of the car and look around. He is the sweetest! 

What I learned from today is that, sometimes you just have to adventure out to different parts of your city. You never know what kind of beauty is hidden out there. Never stop exploring. 
Love always,
Nessie xx
P.S. Don't go hiking up rocky places in heels! 

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