Wednesday, March 1, 2017

I love you Comet

These last couple of days have been extremely difficult for me. My gorgeous, loving, most kind hearted baby boy passed away Monday night at 6:15pm. As many people know, Golden Retrievers are known to get into just about everything and well, Comet was no exception. First thing monday morning, I took Comet into the vet to get x-rays to see what was wrong with him because he wasn't eating nor was he interested in food at all which was a sign for me to take him ASAP because if you know Comet, you know he loved food, so not eating was not like him and it meant something was wrong. They took the x-rays and found that he had eaten part of a towel and they said they could remove it surgically and get him fixed up and that he would be okay. Before they would even touch him, they needed a deposit down of two thousand dollars. I didn't think twice, I put all of my emergency money on Comet and got him a spot for surgery that day at 3pm. I signed paper work
thinking he would be okay and make a good recovery. I sat in that room with him and gave him kisses and hugs and told him things would be okay. I was worried and in tears but I truly believed my boy would be okay and I'd get to see him the next morning. That wasn't the case. I got a call later that night by the doctor that preformed the surgery, she said she was really pushing for my boy but that the towel had caused so much damage that even if they did take it all out, he would have had a hard recovery and would get an infection and die regardless... so my option was to keep on going and put him through all of that or to stop surgery and give him the peace he deserved. As much as I truly loved Comet and wanted him with me, I couldn't be selfish. I made the decision in five seconds and decided to stop surgery. My heart is absolutely broken and I really wish we could have saved him but I put my feelings aside and did what was best for him. Words will never be able to explain how much I truly loved this red headed dog with the most beautiful, pure heart of gold.  He was the best dog I ever had and I am so proud to be his mama. Animals have a special place in my heart so his death really took a toll on me. I cried at every thought of him, I held his favorite ball (he loved balls) in my hands and I bawled my eyes out, I cried for a full twenty-four hours and gave myself multiple headaches over this whole situation. I was a wreck and I still am.
The next day after his death, I went into the vet to grab Comets leash and collar, which they gave me back along with his paw print. Seeing his paw print alone made me cry again, I was so emotional. We (Denon & I) also paid the rest of what we owed to the doctors who tried to save his life and we both walked away in tears we saw an older dog that resembled Comet so much. I really wanted to bring my baby home but I know things don't always go the way we want them to and thats okay. 
I am really happy I got to spend the last four and a half years of my life with you, Comet. I love you so much and you will never be forgotten. I know you're in heaven now, playing with your ball all day and night long having a blast. I will never go a day without missing you and thinking about all those amazing times we shared together and the special bond you and I had. 
You were the greatest companion and my very best friend.
Thank you for being the worlds most amazing dog.
xx Mama <3

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