Thursday, March 9, 2017

On the Blvd. With Ollie!

Hi guys! So the other day I went to the Blvd in my hometown with my dog Ollie just to look around and see what was new. I love exploring during the day, and lately because of what happened with my dog Comet, I haven't been able to go most places without my little emotional support buddy Ollie. He loves long car rides and whenever I try to leave the house without him, he gives me that face (you know which one I'm talking about) and it gets me every time! I don't have the heart to leave him right now so he's been having the best time following me around everywhere. I remember this day very vividly. I got ready and wanted to go out to take photos but I wasn't sure where to go. I decided on the
Blvd when I remembered a friend of mine has her own shop there and I could easily visit with ollie if I wanted and boy did we visit! We had the best time, Ollie did so well and is always very excited to be out and about with me. Later that day, an older gentleman walked up to Ollie to say hello but sadly, I have a bit of a baby on my hands so he was scared and wanted nothing to do with the sweet man. Its always so funny to me how Ollie loves to go places (especially the dog park) but then he never wants to go off and play with other dogs or go on without me. He's socially awkward sometimes and doesn't know how to make friends but I keep trying to push him to be more playful. He's a sweet boy, just doesn't know what he's doing sometimes.

One of the best Cinemas in my town. So cozy, small and intimate. Denon and I love going on little dates here. Its always so fun and is the only theater out here that actually serves alcohol which is kind of nice when you're out on a romantic movie night with your lover.

            Dirty little paws after a long day of exploring! This little guy definitely needs a haircut!
If any of you are ever out in the Antelope Valley, definitely check out the Moah Museum located right on the Blvd. Its pretty interesting in there and there is always something new.
A pit stop at Nantiquez to say hello to our dear friend Nanette!

Let me know in the comments below what kind of updates you would like to see from me next. I noticed my little post about makeup got the most views so far and I am planning on posting more beauty products, tips & tricks, along with a few tutorials soon. I am very excited for whats to come. Please do subscribe to my blog to always be the first to get blog updates! Thanks everyone so much for all of the support. And don't be afraid to follow me on my Social Media and interact with me on there. I love hearing your feedback<3 
Stay beautiful!
xx Nessie

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