Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Five new obsessions!

The other day I went to my local hair salon to get a fresh cut and while there, my hairstylist applied a really nice hair oil to the ends of my hair and I instantly fell in love! This Moroccanoil Treatment works on all hair types and has a unique formula rich in antioxidant argan oil, that instantly absorbs into the hair not leaving you to feel greasy but instead hydrated and brings shine to your ends. 
Im telling you if you have not tried this and you are like me who suffers with dry, dull ends, you will thank me later!
Another current obsession I have is the new and limited edition Color Splash Hydrating Lipstick from Tarte Cosmetics. I have it in the shade Skinny Dip which is the perfect pale peachy nude for me! I usually stay away from pale nude lipsticks because they tend to make me look washed out but this one is just absolutely perfect. I love the formula so much that I went online and bought two more colors in shades Colada & High Dive. The only sad part is that they are limited edition so get yours fast! 

I have also been really enjoying the Pearly Girl Teeth Whitening Pen also by Tarte! Its an all natural teeth whitener in a liquid pen form and I got to say, that baby is doing a great job at making sure my smile is nice and bright! Its also great for people who have sensitive teeth like myself. I definitely recommend it. P.S ITS VEGAN! So all my Vegan Babes can enjoy it too.

Another great product that I have been testing out is my Mario Badescu Facial Spray. It contains Aloe, Herbs & Rose Water. I love misting my face with this spray before I do my makeup to just prep my skin and give it a little boost and the fact that it smells amazing too makes it even better. 

And last but not least!
My last new obsession are my prescription eye glasses that I ordered from Warby Parker, a website that has so many great glasses at a more affordable cost. They have an amazing try on at home program where you can pick up to five frames to try on at home and get them shipped to your door for free. Within five days of receiving them, you must send them all back and order the pair you loved with your prescription information and they will send you your brand new pair within days! I am blind as a bat and use mainly contacts to see but I really needed new glasses since my eyesight changed and who wants to pop in their contacts every morning straight out of bed? Not me. So I bought these amazing glasses pictured above for only 125 dollars! INSANE right?! Usually when I purchase new glasses at places like Lens Crafters it can end up costing 200-300 dollars for a pair that I will only be able to use for a year. Warby Parker not only has affordable glasses that you will love but they also will donate a pair to someone in need when you purchase a pair. 

Thats about it for this gal right here. I hope you guys enjoyed my five new obsessions! Don't forget to subscribe to be the first to get notified when a new post is live.
Happy shopping!
xx Nessie

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