Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Home Away from Home

Hey lovelies! Its been a minute since I last posted but I promise, I had a good reason. Late last week I took a small six hour trip up north to visit my grandparents who live about an hour outside of San Francisco  in a little city called Antioch. I usually visit them once a year but last year due to work being so crazy, I couldn't find time to get away which was a huge bummer for me so this time around, I made sure to make some time for my annual trip to the grandparents.
 During my visit we stopped at a new little coffee shop called States Coffee in Martinez and I absolutely loved it. Great coffee, definitely need to try their tea next time.  

After two hours of walking up and down Main St. we went to the water front to explore some more. I have been coming to Martinez since I was a kid. My grandparents used to live in this town for ten years before they finally bought their own house so this place is very familiar to me but somehow I still never get tired of exploring it.

I only spent three days with my grandparents but it was an amazing three days at that. To see more photos from my trip check my instagram and stay tuned for more posts later this week! Stay beautiful my loves!

                                                                                xx Nessie

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