Monday, May 8, 2017

Open & Honest

Whenever I am feeling alone, stressed or frustrated, I try my best to get out of the house go to local coffee shops close to home and grab a little "pick me up". I like to just sit and read my latest obsession and enjoy complete strangers company. I usually stay anywhere from an hour to three hours. Its a way for me to relax and take a deep breath, slowly but surely letting go of frustration or whatever seems to be bothering me that day.

Other days I go to coffee shops just to have a chat with friends or to work on my blog (like I am casually doing now) and enjoy a nice hot brew of coffee. I also really love traveling to different cities and finding the cutest little treasures!

Lately there has been a lot on my plate so I have been pretty stressed but still very happy and content with who I am as a person. I am still trying to figure out my career path and somehow stay strong and well put together but there are times when I am not all that great at dealing with certain issues.

When I was younger I dealt with a lot of anger and depression because of my past experiences and I would take it out on people that I loved and cared for, instead of taking the time to talk about it, process it, accept & move on from it. Now that I have grown past all of my mistakes, I am doing my best to be a support system for anyone who needs me. There are still times when I mess up and don't always get things right but my heart is always in a good place.

Truth is, we all wish we had the answers to everything but we don't. Life is living day by day and doing your best to make good decisions. No matter what situation I face, I know now that at the end of the day everything will be fine because I am lucky enough to have someone who supports me in everything I put my mind to. Things haven't always been easy for Denon and I but I know this is just the beginning of our wonderful journey together. Before I met him, I never once thought that I was capable of loving someone so much. I never thought my life would be so great. But it is and I am so blessed to have a man in my life that would never in a million years tell me my dreams are unreachable.

I just want young people to know, it doesn't matter what you are going through, you must always stay strong and be positive, hoping for the best. Life is way too short to be angry, sad, negative, upset, or to let anyone else bring you down. If you find comfort in a family member or a friend from school, talk to them about your worries & frustrations and never hold any of it in. You should always be heard but also remember that you have the power to choose if you are going to dwell on the negative or focus on the positives. Life is much better when you go through it choosing to be happy and caring. Sometimes we all just need a friend to brighten our day or a random act of kindness from a complete stranger to get us to keep going.

I hope you guys are having a beautiful day and I promise to bring more great content here to the blog again shortly! Thanks everyone for your constant love & support. Also don't forget to check out my Instagram where I am very active and respond to you all quickly.
                                                                                                                 Lots of Love, xo Nessie


  1. I love this! It's easy to be negative but we need to train our brain to be positive! I've done this in the last couple of years and I take every day as it comes now :) Ree love30

  2. I love how you were so open and honest in this post, I could really see a lot of myself in what you were writing and I felt that you were speaking to me. I am on a path of personal growth, positive affirmations and removing all negativity from my life, and it is making things so much better. Stay strong.

    1. Thanks for the great feedback, lovely! I appreciate it very much. Have a beautiful day.

  3. Oh, what a cosy looking place! I love the way you wrote this, so openly & honest.

  4. I love this post. The reassurance 8th the last paragraph is deep.

  5. Wow! I love your photos! They emit such emotion! :-)

  6. Such a deep post. The photo's are like art. I hope you can deal with your feelings. I wish you all the best. Removing the negative people can help as well!

  7. This was very interesting to read. It's always nice to get to know other bloggers better. It's good that you've learned from your past, you held your head up high and keep being positive and moving forward. :) Btw it's amazing how something as simple as going to a coffee shop can make people feel better and offer some motivation.

  8. Really love this...I resonate with positivity and this post is another reminder that we should always keep our head up