Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Cable Airport

At the end of last year, I was invited out to Cable Airport by a kind pilot friend of mine to check out all of the neat vintage aircraft they had out on display. I instantly said yes and two months later, I was on my way out there with my camera and my friend Spencer. We had the best time getting to learn about aircraft and actually getting to see it all in action. It was a very neat experience and hopefully one day I will get to go for a little plane ride which would be so much fun. Im really happy with the way these photos turned out. This was just a neat little project for me and Im really happy I got to do this so a special thanks to my friend Robert for inviting me to see these beauties, I truly had the best time!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

14 Weeks 3 days- A letter to my love bug

Here we are at fourteen weeks and three days. I still have no sickness whatsoever and am feeling pretty great during the day which is nice. I love hearing your little heartbeat whenever I had a long day, it comforts me knowing you are safe inside of me, growing big and strong each and everyday. I am already so in love with you. You have given me so much joy already and I haven't met you yet. We still haven't found out what you are but mommy took a blood test to find out sooner than 20 weeks. My test results will be coming soon and your grandmother has full control of that and will be calling a cake maker to make a special cake for your gender reveal party coming up soon. We are all so excited to know exactly what you'll be. Boy or girl, your father and I will love you endlessly.