Wednesday, July 12, 2017

14 Weeks 3 days- A letter to my love bug

Here we are at fourteen weeks and three days. I still have no sickness whatsoever and am feeling pretty great during the day which is nice. I love hearing your little heartbeat whenever I had a long day, it comforts me knowing you are safe inside of me, growing big and strong each and everyday. I am already so in love with you. You have given me so much joy already and I haven't met you yet. We still haven't found out what you are but mommy took a blood test to find out sooner than 20 weeks. My test results will be coming soon and your grandmother has full control of that and will be calling a cake maker to make a special cake for your gender reveal party coming up soon. We are all so excited to know exactly what you'll be. Boy or girl, your father and I will love you endlessly.

My emotions have been all over the place since finding out I am pregnant with you, and I have really put your dad through hell and back but he's been learning to be more patient with me and has been incredibly wonderful to have during this journey. The way he looks at me is something I have never experienced before and I am beyond excited to see the bond you two have together.

Two years ago, I never thought I'd have a child with anyone. I never really believed in love either after seeing failed marriages and unhappy relationships all around me. But when I met Denon, everything changed. He always wanted a family and showed me love. I put everything into him and fell so hard. I knew the day I met him that he would be a big part of my life and I wasn't wrong because over a year later, here we are. We are still madly in love and are impatiently waiting on you to finish baking in my womb so we can meet you! Mommy & Daddy love you so very much. We are so happy we finally got to create you after a year of wanting you so badly. We never seriously tried to have you but we dreamt of having you one day and now its all so real and I don't regret a thing.

The morning we found out you were a reality and on your way, I remember freaking out. I took a test at six in the morning, thinking my period was just a little late but the second that negative turned into a positive, it hit me and was all too real. I yelled out for Denon and he came running into the bathroom very confused because he had just woken up. I showed him the test and was in full tears. He asked why I was crying and my response was because I was scared and have never done "this" before. He held me and said everything will be okay. I was in so much shock but I called my mom soon after and she assured me everything will be okay and to be happy and not scared. Soon after that conversation, everything changed. I became very upbeat and excited to tell everyone and be on this journey. Denon was so frightened to tell his parents but I assured him that they would be very happy. Two weeks later when we announced it to both of our families, everyone was very excited!

You are already so loved by each and every one of us. You were the best surprise and gift from god I have ever received. When you are older and you get to look back on this letter, we hope you see just how much mommy & daddy love you as well as each other. You were created out of our love and happiness and we are so blessed to share that with you. My hopes and dreams for you are to always be kind, loving, passionate, motivated, healthy and to always follow your dreams. We can't wait to meet you, little love bug!
                                                                    Love always,

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  1. That is so sweet what you said about the baby he can't wait to meet him or her means a lot to us to have a great great grandchild we will always be there for you cuz we love you and we can wait to meet you love you much and so excited love Nana grandma