Monday, July 17, 2017

Another lazy sunday feat. Leda

Another lazy Sunday! Yesterday, Denon, Leda & I hung out in the living room, running around with her toys. Before this photo session, we tried to have Ollie and Leda be together inside in the same room but Ollie does not like being around Leda when Denon and I are in the room so it makes it difficult to have equal time with them. Leda has been in my life for six, almost seven years now since she was a puppy. She was my one and only before we got Comet a few years later and then another three years passed and we brought home Ollie. I don't really understand why Ollie gets so angry when other dogs are around us. We take the dogs to the dog park almost every week and Leda is a social butterfly while Ollie growls at other dogs that come near him or me.

Does anyone else have this problem or have any tips on how to have them get along with each other? I think we need to get Ollie into training but its hard at times because Ollie is no longer a pup and we adopted him at three years of age. We definitely want to give it a try though!

Leda has been a very important part of my life since I was fourteen years old. I trained her to do everything she knows and she listens very well Most of the time. She was there for me when
I was going through a lot as a young teen. She will always be my baby girl and my best friend. We are so excited to see how she acts around her new sibling who will be arriving early next year.

It's crazy how much dogs truly become apart of your family. I couldn't imagine my life without her and Ollie. I miss my boy Comet so much, him and Leda were companions. Leda definitely has days where she feels lonely and cries but she is so strong and loving. She never fails to get me through my hardest days.

All animals are so beautiful and unique. We are beyond lucky to have such amazing family members and we are excited to introduce our newest addition to them soon.
Lazy Sunday's are the best Sunday's!
Stay cool out there, friends!
-Xo Nessie

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  1. Love this! Animals truly do become a part of our families. I'm not sure how to get them both to get along though....hopefully they come around. Looks like a Sunday well spent though :)

    1. Thank you, lovely! I know, I hope they learn to get along soon. Have a nice day <3