Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Cable Airport

At the end of last year, I was invited out to Cable Airport by a kind pilot friend of mine to check out all of the neat vintage aircraft they had out on display. I instantly said yes and two months later, I was on my way out there with my camera and my friend Spencer. We had the best time getting to learn about aircraft and actually getting to see it all in action. It was a very neat experience and hopefully one day I will get to go for a little plane ride which would be so much fun. Im really happy with the way these photos turned out. This was just a neat little project for me and Im really happy I got to do this so a special thanks to my friend Robert for inviting me to see these beauties, I truly had the best time!

Denon stayed behind at home for the day while I spent time at the airport and it was honestly really nice getting to go out and do my own thing and have our time away from each other for awhile. Couples sometimes get to be a bit too close especially when living together so its always nice to have your own life outside of the relationship and then a life together and sometimes we forget that and end up getting in each others hair which is never fun. 

But no matter what I choose to do, he always supports me 100%  and never says no to me doing certain things or to going out with friends and vise versa. It feels really good to be with someone that wants you to be happy and lets you chase after your dreams no matter what. I am very lucky to have that in a partner.  

I hope you all enjoyed these photos. I am really thinking about printing some out and framing them. I think they are just beautiful. I am absolutely fascinated by these beauties and I'm so happy I got to visit. Robert, if you're reading this, please let me come out again soon and hopefully we can actually take a plane out for a spin! I love your passion for flying, I think its an amazing hobby/career to have and I'm glad I got to meet you and see your excitement for flying up close and in the flesh. You know so much and constantly educate me on airplanes/vintage aircraft and I truly enjoy learning, I find that it helps me with the fear of flying. Thanks again!

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