Thursday, July 20, 2017

At home blow out using Dry Bar products!

Lately I have been obsessed with hair care and with giving myself at home blow outs! Its just a lot of fun to get that volume and soft, touchable hair that you usually only get once you've gone to the salon. I always have trouble with my hair, usually because its so long, thick and naturally curly. But with the help of these dry bar products, I can get the perfect blow out right at home!

I have been using Dry Bar for the awhile now. I love their hair care line and I adore how each product works. When I use the heat protectant, I feel like its actually doing its job which is always nice. I also love how each product has its own unique smell.

Last weekend, when my old blow dryer gave up on me, I decided to go out and buy the one blow dryer I knew I absolutely had to have and that was Butter Cup also by Dry Bar! Dry Bar is a company that specializes in creating products that help give you the perfect blow out. It was a pretty pricey product, not going to lie but I definitely feel a difference in my hair and it also helps cut down the dry time by ten minutes!

Here are the steps I used to create the perfect at home blow out.

I spray just enough to get all of my hair, starting mid way down to my ends. This product is formulated with Biotin, Vitamin B & D as well as UV blockers to help protect your hair from the sun. Its lightweight and I love that it detangles my hair as well as preps it for the blow drying process.

 Once my hair is all prepped, I use a good amount of the Hot Toddy Heat Protectant to protect my hair from heat up to 450 degrees. It also seals split ends and helps prevent color fading on color treated hair. I then like to brush through my damp hair once more to make sure the product is distributed evenly.

To help give my hair the extra volume it needs, I like to apply a good amount of the Southern Belle Volumizing Mousse. This baby works like a charm if you want that big volume all the gals down south have. I run the mousse through my roots and again brush through to distribute product evenly.
I like to pair this with the Texas Tea volumizing hair spray to really hold that volume in place.

Another great product I recommend using on damp hair before a blow out is the Mr. Incredible Leave In Conditioner. This stuff really helps condition dry hair and make it more soft and manageable. I LOVE IT. It truly is Incredible! A must have if you often have dehydrated hair like myself.

After using all of these great products from Dry Bar, its finally time to give yourself a blow out! Again I love using my Buttercup blow dryer to really perfect my hair and give it that silky smooth love.

To help prolong your hard work for the next day, I love using the Detox Dry Shampoo!
I tend to get very oily throughout the day so I find going without washing my hair for a day,
just never works out for me but since using this, I can keep my hair looking and smelling fresh
for another day! Cant live without this stuff. Seriously, its a must have!

One last go to product of mine is the Suavecita Firm Hold Hairspray.
This product isn't by Dry Bar but this hairspray is AMAZING.
It holds my hair into shape always. I find myself using a little bit of
this product after a blow out to set or to help keep my victory rolls
into place whenever I want that vintage pin-up girl look.

I hope this post helped you out on choosing your next hair care product!
Let me know in the comments below if you're going to pick up any
of these items and give them a try for yourself. I promise, you'll love them!

P.S- In no way was this post sponsored by Dry Bar
I just REALLY love their products.

XO Nessie


  1. Never heard about these! Thanks for sharing. I was looking for some good hair spray

  2. These look great! Definitely going to have to try. Can never have enough hair products!

  3. I LOVE the bright yellow hair dryer! It's adorable

    Alice | Dainty Alice

  4. I have never had a blow out either at home or in a salon, I feel like I am missing out! I am think I am going to try that especially in the summer when I really don't want to curl my hair but want to freshen it up!

  5. It looks really great product for your your hair. The hair dryer is look really chic and pretty color. Thanks for sharing this review dear.
    Kintan XO,

  6. I have never heard of them, but these products sound amazing!
    I love to take cair of my hair too! Must check out these products! :)

  7. Some new products and really cool ones! thanks for sharing

  8. I have never heard of this brand before. I have to try it out though.